Utility Cost Savings Since 2007

Valley’s commitment to the wise use of resources helps sustain our ability to provide and improve care to our community, as well as protect the environment of the world we share. In addition to environmentally responsible disposal of medical, hazardous and pharmaceutical waste, Valley recycles, composts and updates equipment and fixtures with efficient, energy-saving replacements.

What’s Good for our Community is Good for our Earth


Go Green Icon EcologyEnergy-saving facility upgrades have been systematically phased in for more than a decade. Funded in part through federal and local grants totaling nearly $3 million, the projects are now generating yearly utility savings of $856,910.  

  • Interior & exterior LED bulbs
  • Energy-saving heating & cooling systems upgrades
  • Water-saving plumbing upgrades
  • Car recharging stations
  • Solar panels

Go Green Icon Computer RecycleRecycling what we’ve used, Valley is always looking for ways to give new purpose to consumed waste. Valley diverts plastic, paper, cloth, metal, Styrofoam, and used and obsolete equipment from the landfills. In 2018, Valley diverted more than 1655 tons of used material from the landfills, which included 128 tons of plastic. In addition, some obsolete equipment and expired medical supplies that are safe and have use, but do not meet stringent state and federal requirements, are donated for medical missions, often accompanying Valley's own teams of medical volunteers.

Go Green Icon CompostCompost created from food scraps and biodegradable eating ware turns biodegradable matter full circle as a product revitalizing local soil. In 2018, Valley composted more than 55 tons of food services waste at Cedar Grove. Leftover food prepared fresh daily for Trendz Cafe is packaged and donated to FoodLifeline for distribution in the community. Patient room service meals are served by request and cooked to order, generating much less waste. Valley is also committed to eating local to reduce the carbon footprint of transport and increase nutritional value, among other benefits. See how Valley supports local eating.    

Go Green Icon Save EarthEcological stewardship translates to good financial stewardship. Saving energy, recycling and composting all help sustain the environment and reduce costs to the organization. That means more money is available to invest in patient care with new equipment and enhanced facilities. Since beginning focused sustainability efforts, Valley has saved more than $7.1 million. 

What else has been accomplished recently at Valley? 

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  • Ceramic-coated, dynamic glass upgrades in hospital main lobby, with more areas to come
  • Additional car charging stations in use
  • More drinking fountains with water bottle fillers
  • Steam system upgrades, including two new, energy efficient steam boilers put into use in 2023
  • Continued HVAC system, lighting and water-saving plumbing upgrades