The Valley (Tax) Dividend Program

Do you live in our hospital district?

The Valley Dividend grants a credit to bona fide homeowners within King County Public Hospital District #1 based on their tax dollars paid to the hospital district. This program is limited to assistance with hospital facility bills.

This credit may be applied to out-of-pocket expenses owed to Valley Medical Center after all third party and insurance payments have been made. The following conditions apply:

Qualifications & Conditions

  • Must be or have been a King County Public Hospital District #1 homeowner and the home is the primary residence.
  • Homeowner must have paid property taxes on said primary residence.
  • The patient must be the taxpayer, taxpayer’s spouse or dependent minor.
  • The homeowner must apply for the credit.
  • To confirm both eligibility and residence within the district, as well as calculate property taxes paid to the district, the homeowner must provide VMC with the patient’s name and age, primary residence property address, the year the home was purchased, and, if the residence has been sold, the date of transfer.
  • All third party benefits and insurance payments must be assigned and paid prior to determining eligibility. The credit may then be applied to out-of-pocket hospital expenses owed to Valley Medical Center. The credit will apply only to Valley Medical Center facility charges including room and board, nursing services, medication and supplies while hospitalized. The credit will not apply to provider/physician fees.
  • The Valley Dividend can be applied for the following services:

    • Inpatient hospitalization: 100% of outstanding facility charges are eligible for credit
    • Emergency Department: 100% of outstanding facility charges are eligible for credit
    • Outpatient eye surgery services from Valley Medical Center’s Eye Center: 100% of outstanding facility charges are eligible for credit
    • All Other Outpatient Services including Diagnostic Imaging, Outpatient Surgery, Observation-status admissions, Rehabilitation Services, Endoscopy, Radiation Therapy, and Sleep Studies: 50% of outstanding facility charges are eligible for credit
  • Only accounts in good standing are eligible for the Valley Dividend. The account cannot have been referred to a professional collection agency longer than 30 days prior to the date of the Tax Dividend Adjustment Request.
  • This program is subject to change without notice.

Patients must request the Valley Tax Dividend adjustment consideration. You may obtain the necessary information to apply for a Valley Tax Dividend credit by accessing one of the following:

  • Valley Dividend Program hotline at 425.690.3575
  • — view and print The Valley Dividend Policy & Application 
  • Contact a Customer Service Patient Financial Services Representative at 425.690.3578, option 5.